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Relaunched as Slate Kit:

Aug 8, 2017 at 1:52 AM
Edited Aug 8, 2017 at 1:53 AM
Hello, I've relaunched this project in Kotlin as Slate Kit and it is available on I do apologize for the lack of updates and support over the last several years, but I've transitioned from C# / .NET to the JVM (Scala/Kotlin) mainly due to work related purposes and its the main reason ( aside from lack of time :-) ) for the inactivity on this project.

I'm sure many of you may not be able to switch your tech stack from .NET to the JVM, however, the philosophy and goal of CommonLibrary has continued in the form of Slate Kit and for those who do have the freedom to leverage new technologies, I suggest at the least checking out Kotlin and

For those who can not switch, if you are interested in redesigning CommonLibrary.NET, addressing its weaknesses, and slightly rebranding it to be in-line with its successor Slate Kit, please contact me. I have a fairly good idea of the effort involved and how to approach it incrementally, but i simply do not have the time to physically code the upgrade myself. If you are interested, I can collaborate on the upgrade. Contact me at