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Released: Nov 4, 2009
Updated: Nov 4, 2009 by kishore_reddy
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Release Notes

A collection of very reusable code and components in C# 3.5 ranging from ActiveRecord, Csv, Command Line Parsing, Configuration, Holiday Calendars, Logging, Authentication, and much more.

Samples are in the folder in <root>\src\Lib\CommonLibrary.NET\_Samples

0.9.3 - Simpler / Improved API and Namespaces

  • Args.Parse( "-env:QA -log:qa.log -sendEmail 100" )
  • Csv.Load( "stockdata.csv", true)
  • Configs.Load( "prod.config,dev.config" )
  • Crypto.Decrypt("asdy720sj=")
  • Envs.Set( "prod", "prod,qa,dev", "prod.config")
  • ActiveRecord - Thin and simple wrapper on top of NHibernate, both Static ActiveRecord class and Base classes available.
  • Arguments - Parses command line arguments e.g. ( -config:Prod -date:${today} DefaultSetting01 ) etc.
  • Authentication - Provides authentication for web and windows, wrapper around HttpContext.Current.User and Windows Prinicial.
  • BuildAutomation - NAnt scripts for ( clean, compile, version, labelingSourceControl, unittest, codecoverage, backup, deploy, config ).
  • Cache - Cache w/ default implementation using HttpRuntime. Can prefix keys &inspect/describe elements in cache.
  • Captcha - Service for generating Captcha images.
  • Category - Node based category/sub-category service
  • CodeGenerator - Auto-generate your domain model , Database, hibernate mappings, validation, active record components.
  • Collections - Contains all sorts of Dictionaries ( MultiValue, Bi-Directional, Ordered, DictionarySet ), Hybrid Enumerator and more
  • Config - Load & store config settings in database,ini and easily transfer to and from typed objects . Supports inheritance
  • Cryptography - Services for encrypting / decrypting
  • Csv - Service to parse Csv files. This a lexical parser which can handle un-quoted and quoteds lists.
  • Database - Database related helper classes ( DbQuery, DbExecute, DbHelper, RowMapping, etc )
  • Diagnostics - Service to extract all the files associated w/ your app, environment variables, processes etc.
  • DomainModel - Excellent support DDD, Persistant/Domain Entity / Model, Service, Validation, Repository, Settings
  • Email - Simple class to send emails.
  • EntityManager - A generic management class for performing CRUD operations on ANY DomainEntity in the DomainModel above.
  • Environments - Service to provide selection of various environments ( Dev, Qa, Uat, Prod ) etc. Can specifies inheritance of configurations.
  • Feeds - Service to support RSS, Atom, Xml Serialization - Coming in 0.9.2
  • Exceptions - Exception / Error handler class.
  • HolidayCalendar - Service to get holidays or valid business days for different holiday calendars ( U.S / England/ France ).
  • ImportExport - Class implementation for making import / export functionality consistant across any entity.
  • IO - Supports for parsing an INI files ( with key values where the value can be multiple lines using double quotes.
  • IocContainer - Generic wrapper around any Inversion Of Control container to avoid hard references to SpringIoC, Unity, CastleWindsor.
  • Localization
  • Location - City, State, Country, search e.g. "Bronx, Ny" is parsed as city="Bronx", state="NY", country="USA"
  • Logging - Wrapper on top of Log4Net with some slightly different functionality.
  • Maps - Service to build urls for google/yahoo maps.
  • Membership - Account Service for Users/Groups/Roles. (Differs from Membership) Coming in 0.9.2
  • ModelManager - Create Domain Models for code generation. Coming in 0.9.2
  • Modules - Support for developing plugin
  • NamedQuery - Save and name sql queries for easy re-use. e.g. "Top 10 Recent Posts" = "select top 10 * from ..".
  • Notifications - Service related to generating / sending "New user welcome", "Remind Password", "Feedback" etc emails.
  • Paging - Completely independent pager from DataGrids etc.

There are many more components available

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