Upcoming Changes

CommonLibrary namespaces MAY be changed in the next release.

This may be done to support the following:
  1. To improve namespaces
  2. To decouple components and remove cyclomatic complexity
  3. To facilitate breaking up the project into sub-projects
  4. To more easily allow other developers to contribute code/components

Potential New NameSpaces

Original New
ComLib ComLib.Core
ComLib.Arguments ComLib.Ext.Arguments
ComLib.BootStrapper ComLib.Ext.BootStrapper
ComLib.Benchmark ComLib.Ext.Benchmark
ComLib.Web.ScriptsSupport ComLib.Web.Ext.ScriptsSupport

Potential New Projects

Project NameSpaces Purpose Contributors Examples
CommonLibrary.NET ComLib.Core Core re-usable code and Core components Core ComLib.Core Utilities, Helpers, Mapper, and ComLib.Ext.BootStrapper etc
CommonLibrary.NET Web ComLib.Web Core re-usable web code and Core web components Core ComLib.Web.Core, ComLib.Web.Ext.Widgets
CommonLibrary.NET Extensions ComLib.Ext Any components that users want to build/submit Open to any developer ComLib.Ext.Account, ComLib.Ext.Location,


Type Group Points Priority Status Description
Enhancement ActiveRecord 6 1 Not-Started Expando object for ActiveRecord dynamic findxxx methods such as "FindByTitleOrCateory"
Enhancement Repository 5 1 Not-Started Enable Repository to support any type for Id using .NET 4.0 "dynamic" feature ( This also removes dependency on Entity )
Enhancement HolidayCalendar 3 2 Not-Started HolidayCalendar support for rule based dates
Fix Logger 3 2 Not-Started Logger seems to have issue flushing logs
Fix NamedQuery 3 5 Not-Started NamedQuery component needs testing
Doc Captcha 4 3 Not-Started Captcha namespace sample
Story Widgets 6 2 Not-Started Move widgets out of ComLib CMS and into ComLib
Story MarkDown 6 5 Not-Started Customizable markdown like component to convert text to html

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PGB Jun 22, 2011 at 5:35 AM 
Just a suggestion, what about a priority queue? had to make my own a while back, but could be nice if one was included.