Sample Application Feature Requests

Sep 12, 2009 at 10:19 PM

Just want to hear about any features you may want to see in the Sample Application.

There are currnetly 2:

1. StockMarketApp - This is going to be a full sample application ( Showing the use of many of the features in the library )

     It's currently started and will be completely by the CommonLibrary.NET  0.9.2 Official Relase.

2. Sample App - This only runs the small 15+ individual component  examples in the _Samples directoy.


Just want to know if anyone want to see any specific features in the StockMarketApp

Whats being included are:

1. Argument Parsing : -env:Prod, -date=${today}  -config:Prod,Qa,Dev -batchsize:10

2. Environment Selection ( DEV -QA - PROD )

3. Logging multiple places

4. Configuration Inheritance ( PROD inherits from QA which inherits from DEV config)

5. Application Template ( Simply override your Init(), Execute(), Shutdown() methods )

6. StatusUpdater

7. Domain Model usage

8. ActiveRecord usage.