CommonLibrary.NET - 0_9_1 - Alpha - C-Sharp 3.5

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Released: Feb 2, 2009
Updated: Feb 3, 2009 by kishore_reddy
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CommonLibrary.NET - 0.9.1 - Alpha

A collection of very reusable code and components in C# 3.5 ranging from ActiveRecord, Domain-Driven-Design, Configuration, Validation, Logging, Collections, ImportExport, and much more. It makes development of applications a breeze and also supports a pluggable model.

1. This is an alpha release, the Beta will include Sample Apps, UnitTests and Documentation
2. The components are very re-usable as I've used them in Production/Enterprise level projects.
3. Many components implement a "Provider Model" pattern.
4. This might sound like a .NET "Ruby Rails" port, but it really isn't. It's just code that I've taken out of my own project for public use.
  • ActiveRecord - Thin and simple wrapper on top of NHibernate, both Static ActiveRecord class and Base classes available.
  • Cache - Simple wrapper around Spring AspNet Cache with some additional functionality to inspect and describe elements in cache.
  • Collections - Contains all sorts of Dictionaries ( MultiValue, Bi-Directional, Ordered, DictionarySet ), Hybrid Enumerator and more
  • Config - Support for storing configuration settings in a database and easyling transfering to and from Strongly Typed objects via reflection ( will support inheritance soon as well )
  • Data - Additional helper classes for Database related use.
  • DomainModel - Excellent support DDD, Persistant/Domain Entity / Model, Service, Validation, Repository, Settings
  • Email - Simple class to send emails.
  • Exceptions - Exception / Error handler class.
  • ImportExport - Interface to make import / export functionality consistant
  • IO
  • Localization
  • Location - City, State, Country, Lookup, and search support.
  • Logging - Wrapper on top of Log4Net with some slightly different functionality.
  • Modules - Support for developing plugin
  • Paging - Completely independent pager from DataGrids etc.
  • Persistance - Interfaces and based classes for PersistantEntity, IPersistantEntityAuditable.
  • Reflection - Reflection helper methods.
  • Reporting - Represents functionality to save and name sql queries in the database for easy re-use later.
  • Scaffolding - Almost complete, generates Web UI for any DomainEntity
  • Security - Security related utility classs for Web based projects.
  • String - String utilities
  • Types - Parsers for various datatypes.
  • UI
  • Utilities - Guard class, PersistantQueue, Ioc Container wrapper,
  • Validation - A validation library similar to Enterprise library but with some key differences.
  • Web - Web based helper classes
  • Xml

Feed back appreciated.

Many of the components in CommonLibrary leverage some existing third-party components like
- Enterprise Library
- SpringFramework
- Hibernate
- Quartz.NET
to build a cohesive set of functionality for easily building applications.

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