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CommonLibrary.NET 0.9.3 Final - Source and Samples

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Released: Dec 18, 2009
Updated: Dec 18, 2009 by kishore_reddy
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Release Notes

A collection of very reusable code and components in C# 3.5 ranging from ActiveRecord, Csv, Command Line Parsing, Configuration, Holiday Calendars, Logging, Authentication, and much more.

Samples are in the folder in <root>\src\Lib\CommonLibrary.NET\_Samples

0.9.3 - Simpler / Improved API and Namespaces

  • Args.Parse( "-env:QA -log:qa.log -sendEmail 100" )
  • Csv.Load( "stockdata.csv", true)
  • Configs.Load( "prod.config,dev.config" )
  • Crypto.Decrypt("asdy720sj=")
  • Envs.Set( "prod", "prod,qa,dev", "prod.config")
  • ActiveRecord - Thin and simple wrapper on top of NHibernate, both Static ActiveRecord class and Base classes available.
  • Arguments - Parses command line arguments e.g. ( -config:Prod -date:${today} DefaultSetting01 ) etc.
  • Authentication - Provides authentication for web and windows, wrapper around HttpContext.Current.User and Windows Prinicial.
  • BuildAutomation - NAnt scripts for ( clean, compile, version, labelingSourceControl, unittest, codecoverage, backup, deploy, config ).
  • Cache - Cache w/ default implementation using HttpRuntime. Can prefix keys &inspect/describe elements in cache.
  • Captcha - Service for generating Captcha images.
  • Category - Node based category/sub-category service
  • CodeGenerator - Auto-generate your domain model , Database, hibernate mappings, validation, active record components.
  • Collections - Contains all sorts of Dictionaries ( MultiValue, Bi-Directional, Ordered, DictionarySet ), Hybrid Enumerator and more
  • Config - Load & store config settings in database,ini and easily transfer to and from typed objects . Supports inheritance
  • Cryptography - Services for encrypting / decrypting
  • Csv - Service to parse Csv files. This a lexical parser which can handle un-quoted and quoteds lists.
  • Database - Database related helper classes ( DbQuery, DbExecute, DbHelper, RowMapping, etc )
  • Diagnostics - Service to extract all the files associated w/ your app, environment variables, processes etc.
  • DomainModel - Excellent support DDD, Persistant/Domain Entity / Model, Service, Validation, Repository, Settings
  • Email - Simple class to send emails.
  • EntityManager - A generic management class for performing CRUD operations on ANY DomainEntity in the DomainModel above.
  • Environments - Service to provide selection of various environments ( Dev, Qa, Uat, Prod ) etc. Can specifies inheritance of configurations.
  • Feeds - Service to support RSS, Atom, Xml Serialization - Coming in 0.9.2
  • Exceptions - Exception / Error handler class.
  • HolidayCalendar - Service to get holidays or valid business days for different holiday calendars ( U.S / England/ France ).
  • ImportExport - Class implementation for making import / export functionality consistant across any entity.
  • IO - Supports for parsing an INI files ( with key values where the value can be multiple lines using double quotes.
  • IocContainer - Generic wrapper around any Inversion Of Control container to avoid hard references to SpringIoC, Unity, CastleWindsor.
  • Localization
  • Location - City, State, Country, search e.g. "Bronx, Ny" is parsed as city="Bronx", state="NY", country="USA"
  • Logging - Wrapper on top of Log4Net with some slightly different functionality.
  • Maps - Service to build urls for google/yahoo maps.
  • Membership - Account Service for Users/Groups/Roles. (Differs from Membership) Coming in 0.9.2
  • ModelManager - Create Domain Models for code generation. Coming in 0.9.2
  • Modules - Support for developing plugin
  • NamedQuery - Save and name sql queries for easy re-use. e.g. "Top 10 Recent Posts" = "select top 10 * from ..".
  • Notifications - Service related to generating / sending "New user welcome", "Remind Password", "Feedback" etc emails.
  • Paging - Completely independent pager from DataGrids etc.

There are many more components available

Reviews for this release

Very nice set of utilities! Still playing around w/ the Domain Model stuff which also looks quite nice so far. Documentation is good too. But it would be nice to have an actual .chm or other documentation file as part of the release.
by jcollazo on Jan 17, 2010 at 10:51 PM