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Release Notes and History

0.9.8 - Official Release - FluentScript, Bug-Fixes

Release Notes and History

0.9.7 - Official Release - Documentation, Automation(xml), Bug-Fixes

0.9.6 - Official Release - New components and bug fixes

  • Added a Macro component that can handle parsing of custom tags in text/html e.g. $[getdate format="mmm/dd/yyyy"/] similar to wordpress shortcodes
  • Added a Scripts component used for registering javascripts / css style sheets in a page.
  • Added a Information component to handle plugins for reporting purposes
  • Added a Task component that can handle plugins that should be schedule to execute periodically or on demand.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix 6486 Args component for parsing command line args needs to support aliases / shortnames
    • Fix 6292 Csv.LoadText bug with tab-separated
    • Fix 4045 CSV - delimiter fixed on comma ( , )
    • Fix 6196 CSV hasHeaders=false does not work
    • Fix 4948 XMLDocs for many methods in StringExtensions contain the same incorrect value

0.9.4 - Official Release - Powerful Repository<T> implementation

  • Supports all CRUD methods ( Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete )
  • Supports aggregate methods Min, Max, Sum, Avg, Count
  • Supports Find methods using ICriteria<T>
  • Supports Distinct, and GroupBy
  • Supports interface IRepository<T> so you can use an In-Memory table for unit-testing
  • Supports versioning of your entities
  • Supports paging, eg. Get(page, pageSize)
  • Supports audit fields ( CreateUser, CreatedDate, UpdateDate etc )
  • Supports the use of Mapper<T> so you can map any table record to some entity
  • Supports creating entities only if it isn't there already, by checking for field values.

0.9.3 - Official Release - Simpler / Improved API and Namespaces

  • Simpler / Improved API and Namespaces
  • Samples are in the folder in <root>\src\Lib\CommonLibrary.NET\_Samples

0.9.2 - Official Release - Examples

  • Samples - Examples are in _Samples folder
  • Binaries - Binaries are also included.

0.9.1 - Official Release -

  • The components are very re-usable and have been used in Production/Enterprise level projects.
  • Many components implement a "Provider Model" pattern.
  • This might seems like a .NET "Ruby Rails" port, but it really isn't meant to be. It's code that has been taken out of my own projects for public use.

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